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2011-10-11 09:26 PM terry4262006
[比d意見]女仔用的iPhone apps



已 JB 了

咩apps都OK ga:P


PS: 會收集埋係度整個 list 出黎方便大家:D

Thx every0ne~

[size=5]Apps List:[/size]

[color=Purple]Game apps:[/color]
1. Unblock me [感謝 Matthew417 分享]
2. Bakery story [感謝 dericktsang 分享]
3. Fashion story [感謝 dericktsang 分享]
4. Farm story [感謝 dericktsang 分享]
5. Restaurant story [感謝 dericktsang 分享]
6. More beauty [感謝 dericktsang 分享]

[color=SeaGreen]Music apps:[/color]
1. KK box [感謝 dericktsang 分享]

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2011-10-11 10:34 PM Ilovetaeyeon
大把啦!iPhone4 or iPod touch or iPhone 3Gs or uPhone 3G or iPhone 2G?

2011-10-11 11:07 PM Matthew417
回覆 #1 terry4262006 的帖子

The name of the game: "Unblock Me"

2011-10-11 11:33 PM terry4262006
回覆 #2 Ilovetaeyeon 的帖子


唔係關OS 炸咩??

回覆 #3 Matthew417 的帖子

Thx for sharing !!

2011-10-12 06:14 AM Ilovetaeyeon
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唔係關OS 炸咩??

回覆 #3 Matthew417 的帖子

Thx for sharing !! [/quote]
no!好多好玩既game要iPod touch4/iPhone4因硬件不同

2011-10-12 04:14 PM dericktsang
bakery story fashion story farm story restaurant story more beauty kK box

2011-10-12 09:54 PM terry4262006
回覆 #6 dericktsang 的帖子

Thx for sharing !!

btw, KKbox 唔係要account ga mei??

回覆 #5 Ilovetaeyeon 的帖子

iPhone 4

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