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2007-12-29 11:04 AM johnny19931993
別再濫用 "from my point of view"


這是香港中學生作文最常濫用的 expression。很多人每兩三句就來個 "from my point of view",卻多數用錯。留意,它絕非 "In my view" 或 "I think" 的代詞。

它的表達的重點是:由於sb身處不同的身份/立場,他和其他人地看法可能不同。An example speaks a thousand words,睇例子吧:

Example 1:
Most of us believe that the smoke ban is a victory for public health. But [b]from the smokers' point of view[/b], it's a flagrant violation of their personal freedom.

Example 2:
Teachers believe extra-curricular activities are not only fun but they're important in students' personal development. [b]From many parents' point of view[/b], however, they're simply a waste of time.

明白了嗎? 所站角度不同,所以看法亦不同。這才是 "From my point of view" 要表達的意思。

別再亂用了。文章是你寫的,鬼唔知係 from your point of view 咩,文意所需又另計。

那麼想表達自己意見時可以用甚麼 expressions? 可用 In my opinion,In my view,可用 I think,feel,believe,reckon,figure,可用 I'm certain,I'm confident,當然還有無數個 expressions。但留意每一個都有細微的分別,[b]作文時千萬不要抱著 "呢句用左 in my opinion,下句就要用 I believe" 的心態[/b],否則文章一定寫得不好。其實平時多讀多寫,作文時切合文意的字自然會 flow 出來,不用太用心堆砌。

有時候,簡單直接的寫出所想,比死記甚麼 phrase 或 expression 好得多。試比較:
1. In my opinion, smoking kills.

2. Smoking kills.


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